3 ways to train your brain to find happiness
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3 ways to train your brain to find happiness

Perfectionism in life makes us judgmental, always drawing up a list of mistakes in ourselves and others.

Your brain operates on inertia, so train yourself to always aim for happiness in the following 3 ways:

List what you do well every day

Take 10 minutes before bed to list three things you accomplished well during the day and explain why.

Compare with less fortunate people

Perhaps you often hear advice from others not to compare yourself to others.

Compare yourself with less fortunate people to see what a stable life you are having, and your difficulties will shrink.

Choose to tell yourself good stories

Every day, whenever you have time alone (like when driving or eating lunch), repeat a funny story in your head, not avoiding challenges but in a positive way.

Good books to read:

3 ways to train your brain to find happiness

The Gift of Imperfection

If you put the burden of being perfect on your shoulders, you will easily become disappointed with yourself.

What Your Heart Needs for the Hard Days

There are days and periods when you feel like you have no hope left.

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