Mr. Trump: If it is wise, China should sign an agreement with the US now
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Mr. Trump: If it is wise, China should sign an agreement with the US now

(Dan Tri) – President Donald Trump warned that China should sign a trade agreement with the US now because if it waits until his second term, things could get even worse.

President Donald Trump and Chinese President Xi Jinping (Photo: Reuters)

“I think China feels that they have lost so much in the recent negotiations that they think they can wait until the upcoming election in 2020 to see if they can get lucky and

“The only problem is, they know I’m going to win (best economy and highest jobs in American history, among other things).

The above comments were made after a series of tough statements and moves by the White House boss in the recent trade war with China.

On May 10, the US and Chinese delegations concluded two days of trade negotiations in Washington.

President Trump said yesterday that businesses can easily avoid additional costs by producing goods in the US.

“An easy way to avoid tariffs?

The US and China still seem to have not found common ground in reaching a final agreement on bilateral trade tensions.

The US may lose money due to tariffs

Although some supporters praise President Trump as a tough negotiator, Republican lawmakers warn that the White House’s tax imposition plan will harm the US economy.

As the trade war widened, China responded to the US by imposing tariffs on $110 billion in US agricultural exports and other goods.

Republican Senator Chuck Grassley from Iowa welcomed the new tariffs imposed on Chinese goods, but also urged US negotiators to quickly find a solution so that the US `can avoid prolonged tariffs,

In an article published today, the Global Times, a Chinese state-run publication, warned: “The US has misunderstood the interests of both sides and seriously underestimated China’s endurance.

`China’s confidence and core concerns will not decline even if the US increases tariffs,` the Global Times emphasized.

President Trump said on May 10 that negotiations between the US and China can still continue while Washington imposes tariffs on Beijing.


According to AFP, CNBC

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