Russia became the `sole referee` in the Iran-Israel `bet` in Syria
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Russia became the `sole referee` in the Iran-Israel `bet` in Syria

It is a fact that both Israel and Iran do not trust Russia, but only President Putin can prevent escalating conflicts between the two countries.

We would like to introduce the article by Shimon Stein and Shlomo Brom – writers specializing in commenting on Middle East issues for Haaretz magazine published on the website

The bet `cannot be miscalculated` Iran – Israel

The 1979 revolution not only made Iran an Islamic republic but was also a turning point that changed Iran’s foreign policy, especially in relations with Israel.

Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Hostile views between Iran and Israel have gradually accumulated over time and caused the relationship between the two countries to fall into spirals of escalating tensions.

Meanwhile, Iran’s nuclear program is considered by Israel to be an existential threat and for the first time it has become a factor that raises the possibility of a direct military confrontation between the two countries.

However, the prospect of an Israeli attack has not yet materialized thanks to the Iran Nuclear Agreement.

The risk that could potentially cause an armed conflict between Iran and Israel in the current context is the strategic presence of the Iranian army in Syria, near the northern border with Israel.

In addition, Israel is also concerned that Iran’s presence in Syria will further strengthen its ambition for `regional hegemony` and threaten Israel from two sides: Syria and Lebanon.

Israel used its superior military superiority to attack Iran’s military presence in Syria, including its proxy forces.

The common elements that can reconcile the contrasting interests between Iran and Israel seem fragile.

Iran and Israel are both `neither equal nor satisfied with each other` but the relationship between the two sides is like a `bet that cannot be miscalculated` because neither Tehran nor Tel Aviv wants to fall into a direct confrontation.

Russia is not the best choice but the only choice

Iran and Israel will never voluntarily place important national security interests in Russia’s hands, but these two countries need a third party `arbitrator` in the disputes between the two sides in Syria and Russia is the choice.

Both Iran and Israel, neither side can achieve everything they want and this has led to the current situation where both sides are in a `tug of war` with each other.

However, the world is always fluctuating and escalating tensions in the two countries’ relations due to miscalculation, misunderstanding or domestic political pressures are always a constant risk, even when both sides are equal.

An effective solution to handle this situation is to create a crisis prevention mechanism to increase communication between the two sides, resolve misunderstandings, and set `red lines` so that neither side

Because neither Iran nor Israel is politically able to establish such a mechanism or engage in a direct dialogue, both countries desperately need a third party that they can trust.

Therefore, the next best solution can only be Russia.

In fact, the two countries do not welcome Russia’s role as a `referee`, and are even more insecure about placing their national security interests in the hands of the Kremlin.

Anyway, an escalation prevention mechanism, despite its limitations and shortcomings, is still better than having no force to prevent conflicts due to miscalculation or intentionality in relations between Iran.

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