See the career fortunes of the 12 zodiac signs in 2017
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See the career fortunes of the 12 zodiac signs in 2017

Let’s see with ELLE how the 2017 careers of the 12 zodiac signs will rise, fall and prosper.

Aries ★★★

Pluto will rule Aries’ career house throughout 2017. You should pay attention to potential risks and saboteurs at work.

Taurus ★★★

Jupiter will rule Taurus’s work house, you will exploit new avenues to make money.

Gemini ★★★☆

Gemini will have a colorful and prosperous first half of the year.

Cancer ★★☆

The Moon rules Cancer in 2017, so everything changes unpredictably.

Leo ★★★★

Venus is in retrograde, so the first half of the year, Leo’s social relationships are not smooth and good.

Virgo ★★★★

Thanks to the influence of Jupiter, Virgo’s matters of making friends and money become favorable and prosperous.

Libra ★★★☆

Due to the influence of Saturn and Venus retrograde, Libra will face great pressure, easily feel tired internally, especially the first half of the year will be quite difficult, you need to be careful and patient to solve it step by step.

Scorpio ★★★☆

Mercury is retrograde in the career house and Jupiter stays in the mysterious house, so at work, Scorpio will encounter many difficult problems, so you must always maintain a clear mind and act cautiously.

Sagittarius ★★★★

Sagittarius’ career this year is not very favorable, mainly due to pressure from Saturn. You will have to face many challenges and friction, you need to be careful in every step to avoid impact.

Capricorn ★★★★

Pluto brings a lot of pressure but makes Capricorn even more eager to succeed in their career.

Aquarius ★★★★

Jupiter, Mars, and Saturn all have a great influence on Aquarius this year.

Pisces ★★★

Oscillation and transformation will be evident in Pisces’ work this year.

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