Joy mirrored
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Joy mirrored

Just imagine, one day without warning, the person you love will receive the kind words you’ve been shy about saying for a long time, along with a lovely, psychological gift that shows how much you care for them.

You can completely bring that happiness to the people you love, and to yourself too.

The DOUBLE JOY program organized by ELLE Vietnam and LANEIGE cosmetics will bring you and your loved ones the most adorable gifts during the year-end festivals.

Double joy is a program jointly carried out by Laneige and ELLE magazine to create conditions for readers to share their stories and wishes with their loved ones by completing the form following this link

Readers can choose any product from Laneige that you wish to receive and give it to the person you send your love to, Laneige will select the best and most interesting stories according to the given topic to give you a gift.

Time: October 20 – November 10

Program rules

• Readers visit the ELLE website to send their love and choose any Laneige product as a gift

+ see product list from Laneige website:

+ or go to Laneige stores in the city.

See more here:,

• Select the product you want to receive and give to your loved one by copying the product link from Laneige’s website.

• Fill in all the information in the participation form, along with a story based on the given topic (100 words or less).

• ELLE will choose 5 people to give gifts to the participant and the person receiving the love message at 11 am every Monday morning.

• ELLE will contact the winner via email and phone number provided to obtain information of the relative to whom that member wants to send the gift.

• ELLE will send a text message/email confirming the winner.

• Winners will receive gifts at Laneige stores (Ho Chi Minh, Hanoi, Nha Trang, Long Xuyen).

Criteria for selecting winners

Clear article, on the topic `Meaningful gift` – `DOUBLE joy`

Readers can state the reason why they want to choose that product from Laneige.

The reason you chose that relative to give to.

Each gift has hidden meanings and special care for your loved ones.

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