Exercises to help correct posture and improve `turtle neck`
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Exercises to help correct posture and improve `turtle neck`

Our neck normally will have a slight C-shaped curve designed to help bear the weight of the head, neck and shoulders.

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This exercise helps relax tense back and shoulder muscles, helping to improve the flexibility of the front shoulder and neck muscles.


Stand straight close to the corner of the wall.

Step one foot up.

Hold the position for 30 seconds.

Return to the old position and repeat the movement 10-15 times.

Note, always tighten your muscles and keep your back straight throughout the exercise.

Exercises to help correct posture and improve `turtle neck`

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The Prone Lat Pull Down movement focuses on the upper body, aiming to bring the shoulders and neck into the correct position, improving the condition of thick shoulders caused by the neck falling forward.


Lie face down on the mat.

Lift your head and shoulders off the mat.

Bring your arms straight forward.

Maintain the same position, moving your arms up and down vertically.

You should start slowly and increase the speed of your movements as you feel more comfortable.

Repeat the exercise 3-5 minutes 10 times.

Note: Always tighten your waist when moving your arms and do not let your lower back arch.

Exercises to help correct posture and improve `turtle neck`

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This exercise helps pull the shoulders and neck into the correct position.


Stand with your back straight, pressing your back against the wall.

Raise your arms up to form a Y shape.

Make a movement of bringing your hands down to form a W.

Repeat the exercise for 3-5 minutes.

Note, keep your body close to the wall when performing the exercise.

Doing this exercise helps you stretch your chest.


Sit or kneel on the mat or stand.

Bring your arms back and make a fist.

Keep your head, neck, and spine in a straight line as you look straight ahead.

Inhale while raising your holding arms high, neck and back straight.

Upward-Facing Dog helps lengthen and open the anterior muscles of the chest, shoulders and arms.


Start by lying face down on the floor with your arms in front of your chest

Then, use your hands to push your body off the ground, push until your arms are straight and your hips are lifted off the floor.

While pushing your body up, take a deep breath and hold this position for 15-30 seconds.

Repeat the movement 10-15 times.

Perform the exercises properly: You must ensure you understand and perform the correct technique of each exercise.

Maintain correct posture: When sitting, standing or working, pay attention to your posture.

Exercise regularly: Plan to perform neck and shoulder exercises regularly, at least 3-4 times a week.

Rest and stretch: Rest and stretch after work or exercise.

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