Solution to treat sunburned skin at home
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Solution to treat sunburned skin at home

Sunscreen is considered a `shield` that protects the skin, especially during beach trips.

It is necessary to have effective and easy-to-do sunburn treatments at home.

Soak in the bathtub

After a long day in the sun, maybe the first thing you want is to clean your body.


Solution to treat sunburned skin at home

Oatmeal – one of the indispensable ingredients in beauty.

According to dermatologist Michael Schreiber, M.D., oatmeal is an ingredient that is extremely effective in reducing inflammation and itching.

With this method, you just need to grind the oats and add them to the bathtub.

Solution to treat sunburned skin at home

The secret to being healthy and beautiful

Is stretch mark treatment oil really as effective as you think?


No one does not know the miraculous use of aloe vera to help restore sunburned skin, reduce pain and brighten skin.

Solution to treat sunburned skin at home

Be confident with healthy and beautiful skin thanks to skin care secrets using aloe vera.

With this method, you can `befriend` aloe vera gel products.

Separate a fresh aloe vera leaf, peel and wash.

Next, scrape out the resin from the leaf or flesh.

Place the ingredients in the refrigerator for about 1 hour.

Then apply on sunburned skin areas, gently massage for about 15 minutes so that the aloe vera resin can penetrate the skin.

Finally, rinse the skin thoroughly with cold water.

Safe sunburn treatment using yogurt

For a long time, yogurt has always been known as a `miracle drug` that can bring many beauty benefits.

Solution to treat sunburned skin at home

Tips to fix sunburns on skin quickly and simply using yogurt.

The first step is to clean your skin and dry it.

Some other notes

First of all, you need to drink plenty of water to help combat the drying effects of sunburn.

After cleansing your body, apply moisturizer or lotion to lock in hydration.

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