Are petroleum jelly ingredients carcinogenic?
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Are petroleum jelly ingredients carcinogenic?

There are cosmetics containing petroleum jelly ingredients that are believed to cause cancer.

What is oil wax?

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This is a thick compound, also known as petroleum jelly, consisting of natural wax and mineral oil that complement each other to form a coating on the surface of the skin.

Great uses of oil wax

Heals skin scratches and minor burns

The petroleum jelly ingredient in cosmetics has a high moisturizing effect, so it is very beneficial for the skin after surgery.

Excellent moisturizing function

Are petroleum jelly ingredients carcinogenic?

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In the beauty world, petroleum ingredients often appear in products that are used to care for the face and body thanks to their effective skin-softening effects.

Minimize children’s rashes

Some studies have proven that petroleum ingredients have the ability to reduce rashes in young children when using diapers.

Remove eye makeup

Makeup remover oil is of course effective in removing makeup but did you know that petroleum jelly ingredients in cosmetics can also be used to remove eye makeup.

Are petroleum jelly ingredients carcinogenic?

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Supports cleaning stains on skin

Apply along your hairline so the hair dye doesn’t stain your skin.

Keep the scent of perfume longer

Are petroleum jelly ingredients carcinogenic?

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For areas such as the neck or behind the ears, before you spray perfume on your body, apply a thin layer on the skin so the perfume will last longer.

Side effects oil wax ingredients

Digesting or letting the product come into direct contact with organs inside the body will bring negative reactions.

Allergies: Some people are allergic to products containing petroleum jelly, which will cause an uncomfortable itchy rash after contact.

Are petroleum jelly ingredients carcinogenic?

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Infection: Skin that is not dry and clean, after applying lotion with petroleum jelly ingredients, will also be susceptible to infection or skin fungus, even suffocating the skin and causing acne.

Respiratory tract inflammation leading to pneumonia: cosmetics often include oil wax and mineral oil.

Conclusion: During the production process, many harmful impurities have been removed, so the risk of using reputable cosmetics containing petroleum jelly causing cancer to your skin is almost zero.

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