Colorful Japanese cosmetics
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Colorful Japanese cosmetics

The Japanese cosmetics market is not just a game of the four giants Shiseido, Kosé, Kanebo and Shu Uemura but is a colorful picture with equally famous sub-brands.

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The Made in Japan cosmetics market is very rich, diverse and bustling.

Kanebo is a big brand in Japan with two famous sub-brands: Lunasol and Lavshuca.

Kosé owns three famous sub-brands in the Japanese market: Addiction by makeup artist Ayako, Visee and Fasio.

Mascara is a `specialty` of Japan.

Another Japanese specialty is false eyelashes.

Colorful Japanese cosmetics

Tsubasa Masuwaka and Dolly Wink false eyelashes

Colorful Japanese cosmetics

Emi Suzuki advertises the Decorative false eyelash product line

Hair care products

Although Shu Uemura Art of Hair has not yet come to Vietnam, it is a famous high-end hair care brand in the world.

Among the countless Japanese hair care cosmetic brands, Shiseido’s Tsubaki is still the name that many people mention.

Recently, the Japanese hair care product market has suddenly seen a wave of hair care products that do not contain silicone, artificial fragrance and parabens.

Additionally, these new formulas are gentler and you may have to use more shampoo to feel clean.

Colorful Japanese cosmetics

The typical rose and yuzu lemon scent can only be found in Japanese hair care products.

Skin care cosmetics

Japanese people always like to use natural products to care for their skin.

Oil makeup removal can be considered a feature of Japanese skin care.

Oil blotting paper (aburatorigami) is also a feature of Japanese beauty culture.

It would be remiss not to mention SK-II, the skin care cosmetics brand loved by many Hollywood stars.

Colorful Japanese cosmetics

Natural ingredients and traditional beauty philosophies are always the inspiration for advanced Japanese skin care products.

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