Organic cosmetics: `Greening` beauty
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Organic cosmetics: `Greening` beauty

`Greening` beauty with organic cosmetics is a popular trend in recent years because it is safe and benign for the skin.

1. What is a green product?

When it comes to green products, we always think of products with organic certification on the packaging.

Organic cosmetics: `Greening` beauty

The logos certify that the product you are holding in your hand meets organic and safe standards.

To identify green products or Organic cosmetics, you can note the list of ingredients listed on the packaging.

Organic cosmetics: `Greening` beauty

1.The Honest Co.

2. Gradually `green` body care products

In the bathroom

This is perhaps the most difficult place to put organic cosmetics into use due to the power and temptation of foaming products with many fragrances and additives.

Organic cosmetics: `Greening` beauty

For girls who often lose hair, organic shampoos and conditioners will gradually restore the scalp.

Organic cosmetics: `Greening` beauty

Handmade soap with lemon ingredients provides a pleasant scent and is very safe

Use coconut oil to care for your skin and hair

Coconut oil is considered the `hottest` oil used to beautify the body from head to toe.

Organic cosmetics: `Greening` beauty

One study found that coconut oil has the ability to reduce hair protein loss when used before and after shampooing.

Make your own natural mask at home

Natural skin care masks are currently a prominent trend in the use of organic cosmetics.

However, like many other natural skin care products, using the above ingredients to improve skin requires perseverance from the user.

“Going green” is responsible

In addition to choosing organic or natural cosmetics, “greening” beauty also means using a product smarter and more responsibly.

Choosing bath soap instead of shower gel is also a way to protect the environment because the packaging of bath soap is mostly paper, which is easier to decompose than plastic shower gel containers.

3. “Go green” safely

Do you have skin allergies?

Although most natural products can help you significantly improve your beauty, that does not mean we mistakenly assume that everything derived from nature is suitable.

To check if you are allergic to new cosmetics, apply a little product to your wrist, apply medical tape and leave it for 2 hours.

Choose the purest product!

In addition, it is also important to use the purest products.

Rice bran, when newly sifted from the factory, is often very rough, moist and mixed with dirt, husks and impurities.

Pay attention to how to preserve it

For natural ingredients, preservation is also very important.

Some products need to be stored in the refrigerator and be completely airtight

You absolutely should not continue to use a skin care product that has separated layers, shows signs of fermentation, mold, discoloration or odor.

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