The perfect skin moisturizing plan
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The perfect skin moisturizing plan

6:30 – Hydrate your skin

When you sleep, your body is deprived of water for a long period of time.

8:30 – Protect your skin before going out

The skin will be damaged when exposed to direct sunlight. In mild cases, the skin will become dark, dry and rough.

15:00 – Moisturize your skin at work

Air-conditioned office environments cause the air to lack moisture, plus radiation from computer screens makes your skin susceptible to dryness and aging.

19:00 – Dinner with dishes that are good for the skin

There are many dishes that add many nutrients to the body as well as beautify the skin.

The perfect skin moisturizing plan

22:00 – Skin care before going to bed

Before going to bed, you should clean your skin, remove toxins and dust from the skin, bringing the skin back to its natural, purest state.

Before using moisturizer for your skin at night, let your skin balance with tonic lotion, gently massage your skin so that the nutrients can quickly absorb into the skin, increase blood circulation and stimulate metabolism.

The perfect skin moisturizing plan

24:00 – Deep sleep is a miracle cure for the skin

If you want to have beautiful skin, maintain the habit of sleeping before 11pm every day, sleeping deeply and for a full 8 hours.

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