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Adult childhood – Binh Pham blog

Childhood is beautiful, there is no need to argue about that.

Childhood is wonderful for anyone because at that time we were very happy and didn’t think much.

Because childhood is so beautiful, the further we go from that special period of life and the more memories fade behind the mist of time, the more we miss them.

Childhood is there, it is here, and it will be somewhere else in the future, if we want it.

Adult childhood is as beautiful as the first period of life.

But if someone says that they understand the harshness of life too well, they don’t believe it, and they have too many things to think about other than wandering around for such a meaningless life, then of course for them

But remember, at some point in life, if the harsh wins and losses make you too tired, try thinking about this story and find a time for yourself called adult childhood.

As for childhood, I believe it is something that is everywhere, just waiting for us to find it!

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