An exclusive chat with François Nars about the secret to creating the perfect foundation
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An exclusive chat with François Nars about the secret to creating the perfect foundation

Below is the content of the conversation between ELLE and expert François Nars – the creator of the core beauty values for cosmetics brand NARS – about how to create the perfect foundation to achieve silky skin.

He is considered the one who brought breakthroughs in makeup: Taking off the foundation mask to let the skin shine from within.

This philosophy of `wearing makeup like nothing` has come to me since the early days of getting acquainted with brush dancing.

Now at NARS, I also ask experts to design foundation formulas that are very thin and light, almost disappearing on the skin, provide good coverage but are not thick and do not create a mask.

I was very impressed when I learned that the core of this new foundation is skin care essence, so the cream helps the skin’s surface become more beautiful over time.

Foundation is a tool to even out skin tone and cover imperfections.

Why is foundation the most important in overall makeup, sir?

The base is the painted veil, which is the core of every makeup layer.

François Nars, founder and creative direction of cosmetics brand NARS

There are many different background textures, which one is your favorite?

It’s hard to pick just one.

As a photographer, how do you define Beauty?

Beauty is personality, character, difference, interestingness – ambiguous concepts.


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Is your approach to makeup different when you work as a photographer?

No, there’s always only one.

How did your mother and grandmother influence your beauty philosophy?

My mother loves natural beauty and I learned my philosophy of creating a flawless foundation from her.

Thank you for the conversation!


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