Makeup style makes Dilraba’s brand
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Makeup style makes Dilraba’s brand

Xinjiang beauties born in 1992 are becoming more and more beautiful.

Orange lipstick helps Dilraba’s skin tone become more radiant

The lipstick color that Dilraba loves the most, which also suits her smooth, rosy white skin, is peachy orange lipstick.

Photo: ELLE China.

The skin is powdered with smooth, flawless white powder, no need for contouring.

Makeup style makes Dilraba's brand

Still a perfectly even foundation without the need for contouring, the eyeliner is drawn very thin, the eyes are filled with light peach orange powder in the same tone as the lip color to make the face look sweeter and more innocent.

Makeup style makes Dilraba's brand

The ends of the eyes are drawn slanted to show off personality.

Makeup style makes Dilraba's brand

The eyes are lined with black eyeliner close to the eyelids without tails, making the eyes look rounder, bigger and brighter.

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Natural style

Dich Le Nhiet Ba has the ability to change her temperament, sometimes she is an innocent girl, sometimes she is a cold woman, but the style that suits her best is probably the simple, clear, and natural style.

Makeup style makes Dilraba's brand

The eyebrows are drawn horizontally and slightly strongly slanted.

Makeup style makes Dilraba's brand

The slender eyebrows are light brown in sync with the hair color.

The eyebrows are bold, but the eyes are just covered with mascara without any additional embellishments.

A smooth, radiant foundation and pale pink lips are enough to highlight Thet Ba’s heavenly beauty.

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Dilraba Dilraba is breathtakingly beautiful when attending Milan Fashion Week Spring Summer 2018

Cat eyeliner

With her big, round, sparkling eyes, Dilraba almost doesn’t need to wear too much makeup on her eyes.

Orange lipstick, rosy cheeks, and cat-eyes make her face even more sophisticated and flexible.

When her face is decorated with sharp makeup with seductive dark red lips, her sharp black cat eyes add to Nhiet Ba’s magical charm.

Feminine high bun hair, bright makeup face, full of youthful vitality, thin and pale cat eyes help Nhiet Ba look like a lovely mischievous little girl.

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Red lipstick

Occasionally, Nhiet Ba will also escape her familiar pure image and transform into a seductive goddess with bright red lips that attract all eyes.

Depending on the outfit, Thermal Ba chooses different shades of red such as rose red, cherry red, plum red, orange red, pure red,… to coordinate.

When transforming into Dolce & Gabbana’s princess, she chose the passionate original red color.

Sometimes it’s a noble cold red.

Or red with a warm chocolate glow.

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