Beautiful teeth, bright smile
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Beautiful teeth, bright smile

Take care of your teeth yourself

In addition to professional cleanings at the dental office every six months, brushing with whitening toothpaste twice a day is an effective way to achieve a brighter smile.

Gargle to clean the oral cavity, places that the toothbrush cannot reach.

Eat and drink wisely

Sugar-free gum containing plaque-reducing xylitol has the added benefit of promoting saliva flow, cleaning teeth and breaking up any food particles left in the mouth.

However, there are fruits that are not good for teeth such as lemons, oranges, and grapefruit because they contain a lot of citric acid that can erode tooth enamel.

Removes `dead cells` from teeth

Just like skin has pores, the surface of teeth also has tiny holes where stains can penetrate, causing blockage and discoloration over time.

Oxygen molecules open the pores and go deep into the tooth’s canals to pull the stain out.

Intensive treatment

If your teeth don’t respond to regular at-home whitening agents, you’ll need a Peroxide injection and invest in a professional whitening treatment.

Many believe that the ultraviolet rays used during treatment can reduce the sensitivity of the oral cavity.

Fluoride also has the ability to protect teeth during the whitening process.

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