The color tone of Lexie’s house
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The color tone of Lexie’s house

Lexie Stoddart

It’s difficult to name Lexie Stoddart’s exact profession.

Now that she has become an interior expert, Lexie still finds inspiration from her travels.

The color tone of Lexie's house

The items were brought from many cultures, but thanks to the delicate and harmonious choice of colors, Lexie’s home does not fall into `chaos`.

That style is reflected in her house, which has enough space for her three small children to run around and provides a relaxing atmosphere for adults.

Lexie said that in order to enjoy a cool floor, her family had to work hard to find a way to bring a bamboo carpet into the house.

She said that currently she and her husband are still just renters of this house, so there are still some things she is not satisfied with.

The color tone of Lexie's house

Lexie likes a cool house, so there are many trees around her house, including rural banana trees that rarely appear in villas.

The color tone of Lexie's house

Each room has its own breath of life with colors that create a feeling of balance and comfort without being boring.

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