8 most memorable roles of Korean muse Kim Go Eun
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8 most memorable roles of Korean muse Kim Go Eun

Kim Go Eun began her acting career when she participated in a random audition.

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1. Eungyo (Muse)

This is the first film in Kim Go Eun’s acting career.

Although this is the first work that Go Eun has participated in, she left a deep impression on the audience with her natural acting ability.

2. Monster (Monster)

In Monster, Kim Go Eun plays the hot-tempered but extremely pitiful girl Bok Soon.

It’s hard to forget the new transformation of muse Kim Go Eun in this bizarre role.

3. Coin Locker Girl (Chinatown)

In Coin Locker, Kim Go Eun plays the role of poor girl II Young, who since the age of 10 has had to perform illegal and dangerous jobs for her mother.

This is also one of the roles that proves Go Eun’s talent in the acting field.

4. Cheese in the Trap (Love Trap)

Those who have ever watched the romantic movie Cheese in the Trap will probably never forget the image of the messy-haired schoolgirl Hong Seol played by Kim Go Eun.

Cheese in the Trap is the first drama that Go Eun auditioned for, so for the audience, the character image in the movie brought a special new appeal.

5. Canola (Canola)

Canola is a story revolving around the girl Hye Ji (Kim Go Eun).

Go Eun’s role this time was specially recommended by her co-star, veteran actor Yoon Yuh Jung, who will play the grandmother in Canola.

6. Goblin (Goblin)

The plot of Goblin tells the story of high school girl Ji Eun Tak (Kim Go Eun), who can see deceased people in the real world.

This is truly a big step forward in Kim Go Eun’s small screen acting career.

7. Tune In For Love (Love Tune)

Kim Go Eun’s role this time is the daughter of a bakery.

In this work, screen audiences will have the opportunity to see the soft side and gentle personality of the muse Go Eun.

8. The King: Eternal Monarch (Eternal Monarch)

In The King: Eternal Monarch, Kim Go Eun plays the strong and brave female police officer Jung Tae Eul, who is not afraid to face challenges to protect justice.

This is not only the second film by screenwriter Kim Eun Sook in which Kim Go Eun appears, but also the work that marks the return of Lee Min Ho after a long absence.

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