Writer Nguyen Thi Thu Hue – Happy enough but emotionless
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Writer Nguyen Thi Thu Hue – Happy enough but emotionless

I thought my energy would be exhausted after all that time spent working, but Nguyen Thi Thu Hue still excitedly talked about the frustrations in life, about the plans to write short stories, essays and books that were piling up and taking over.

She mentioned the name of the short story The Away City, published in the Military Arts magazine, March 2011 more than three times during the interview.

The character’s death is the female writer’s ultimate resistance to negative changes in society.

Predictions about sad and stagnant changes in social life are always full in Nguyen Thi Thu Hue’s short stories.

Can you explain how Nguyen Thi Thu Hue of this period is “different” from her of the past?

Because I’m older.

People like me who have gone through three periods, the subsidy period, the innovation period, and up to now, can see that change.

When people are 20 – 30 years old, they can do everything they want, but when they are 40 – 50 years old, even if they are ready to take action, they will be tired, for example, so they have to stop, even if they

So what were you `foolish` about?

There was a time when I gave advice to someone that sounded very good, but then I made a mistake, not only in love but also in work.

At times, my trust was abused.

How many times have you experienced `self-determination` in your writing?

There are two stages, the first stage is when everything explodes outward.

How did you get into writing stories?

I wrote from a young age, the way I wrote 1-2 pages and then threw them away.

Now, what makes you happiest?

In the afternoon, the children came home to eat, and there was my mother’s grandmother sitting there, the whole family had a very pleasant conversation.

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