Women in management: Conflict is the driving force for development
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Women in management: Conflict is the driving force for development

Working at IBM Vietnam, one of the major technology companies, please share more about the working environment here.

Ms. Hoang Giang: IBM’s working environment is equality, diversity, and balance between work and life.

Ms. Kieu Linh: IBM takes great care of the spiritual life of its employees to ensure balance between work and family: There is a full-time specialist in the human resources department who regularly organizes yoga and zumba classes.

What is the biggest pressure in the work environment for you and how to overcome these pressures?

Ms. Thanh Hao: That is to achieve the annual business growth target in both revenue and profit while still balancing family and social concerns.

Ms. Thanh Thuy: When doing business, I cannot avoid the pressure of needing to meet the periodic sales targets set by the company.

From left to right: Ms. Vu Kieu Linh – Director of Communications and Brand;

Besides your responsibilities and goals at work, do you have anything else in common?

Ms. Thanh Hao: Yes, a lot.

Ms. Hoang Giang: The common thing is that we… are all women so we can share a lot with each other and also understand each other better.

How have those connections helped you overcome differences or challenges at work?

Ms. Hoang Giang: Thanks to understanding each other better, we clearly know each other’s strengths and weaknesses, and can complement each other’s shortcomings.

Ms. Kieu Linh: My job at the company is quite special, that is… I have no colleagues.

There are always conflicts between friends.

Ms. Hoang Giang: Conflict is the driving force of development, so we are not afraid of conflict.

Ms. Thanh Hao: One thing can be viewed from many different aspects, different perspectives help us have a more objective view and from there make better decisions at work.

Women in management: Conflict is the driving force for development

For 33 consecutive years, IBM has always been on the list of the 100 best companies for women who have children and work (Working Mother’s 100 Best Companies Awards).

Can you share anything special or interesting about each other?

Ms. Thanh Thuy: The special thing about Ms. Giang is her strong and energetic appearance.

Ms. Hoang Giang: Hao is both beautiful and talented.

Do women need a different support system (emotional and material) than men to be successful in business and maintain a work-life balance?

Ms. Thanh Hao: Men have very different measures of success in business and life than women.

Ms. Kieu Linh: Looking outside of IBM, Vietnam in general has quite good policies to protect women in the working environment.

Research on gender balance in the IT industry by Tek Expert in 2019 shows: – 78% share that having prominent female leaders is important.

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