[ELLE Voice] CEO Hoang Phi – Empathy fills the generation gap
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[ELLE Voice] CEO Hoang Phi – Empathy fills the generation gap

Can you share the difficulties and evaluate the challenges that Gen Z is and will be facing in their entrepreneurial journey?

During my entrepreneurial journey, one of the most important things I learned is that I need someone to guide me in the right direction.

Frequently interacting with the younger generation at work, do you feel a big gap between the two generations?

In fact, each generation may have different concerns.

Gen Z is a generation with many big ideas and dreams but sometimes unrealistic.

We should encourage young people to have great ambitions but need to create an interactive environment to help them quickly acquire materials from reality.

3F (Family, Friends, Fools) is a method start-ups often apply in seed or even pre-seed rounds.

However, each `lesson` in a start-up has a certain `tuition` level.

[ELLE Voice] CEO Hoang Phi – Empathy fills the generation gap

She has inspired a lot of young start-ups.

Young people instill in me enthusiasm – a very unique and unmistakable element.

The truth is, at some point, we will have a fear of failure, pressures and barriers created by ourselves when thinking about implementing a new idea.

What do you think about young people who want to start a business or get rich without attending university?

I think about how to help young people gain a foundation of knowledge to create a strong fortress and stronghold for the future.

Successful entrepreneurs rely on many factors, but the first factor is that they must be exceptionally good at their profession, including both theory and practice.

[ELLE Voice] CEO Hoang Phi – Empathy fills the generation gap

From your experience and knowledge, what lessons and advice help start-ups succeed?

It’s too difficult and there’s no formula for a successful start-up because if there was, everyone would be successful (laughs).

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