Where was Mr. Trump when America went through a week of pain and riots?
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Where was Mr. Trump when America went through a week of pain and riots?

(Dan Tri) – President Trump seems to be more concerned about China and the war with Twitter while America goes through a painful week with a wave of protests and the number of deaths from Covid-19 constantly increasing.

US President Donald Trump (Photo: Reuters)

Last week, America faced consecutive tragedies: the number of deaths from Covid-19 exceeded 100,000 people, the death of black man George Floyd sparked a wave of angry protests in Minneapolis and many other cities.

But US President Donald Trump is mostly busy with other things: starting a public `war` with Twitter, condemning China for Hong Kong and cutting relations with the World Health Organization (WHO) –

Obviously, as he often does, the US leader wrote a series of new, controversial comments on Twitter.

But Mr. Trump seems silent on the most sensitive issues of his presidency: the pandemic has claimed the lives of too many Americans and people of color are living in danger.

Since America was born, the people of this country have looked to the president for protection, comfort, and protection, especially in times of crisis.

Lincoln began his presidency with great distrust of his leadership.

Franklin Roosevelt was considered withdrawn during his first years in office, but he worked to transform himself into a caring and thoughtful leader.

Historians mostly consider Washington, Lincoln and Franklin to be the greatest presidents in American history.

In contemporary times, it is difficult for presidents to maintain deep relationships with the majority of Americans.

During the Challenger spacecraft explosion disaster in 1986, television channels repeatedly broadcast images of the spacecraft flying up into the air, then a terrible incident occurred and the ship immediately disappeared.

President Bill Clinton traveled to Oklahoma City after the bombing of a federal building there in 1995. Mr. Clinton not only privately comforted the families but also moved the nation when he expressed

George W. Bush stood on a police car under the rubble of the 2001 attack on the World Trade Center in New York. When a rescue worker at the scene said he could not hear the President, he

Barack Obama has repeatedly flown to memorial services where children and victims of gun violence are buried.

Recent presidents, Reagan, Clinton, Bush, Obama – two Republicans, two Democrats – have brought Americans together in moments, to remember who they are and can become.


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