American city causes controversy for announcing `Donald Trump Week`
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American city causes controversy for announcing `Donald Trump Week`

(Dan Tri) – The city of Frostproof, Florida, USA caused controversy when it announced that it would choose the first week of February as a week to honor former US President Donald Trump.

Former US President Donald Trump (Photo: Reuters)

Fox News reported that the Frostproof city government has announced the first week of February (February 1 to 6) as `Donald Trump Week` to honor the former US president, a very popular political figure.

`Former President Trump received overwhelming support with 76.43% of the vote in Frostproof. He won the state of Florida twice (in two presidential elections), and received more votes than anyone else.

The above statement also praised Mr. Trump’s achievements while in office, such as contributing to creating millions of jobs in the manufacturing and construction sectors or his foreign policy of `not participating in new wars` and bringing back military personnel.

Flordia state Congressman Anthony Sabatini, who proposed renaming US Route 27 `President Donald J. Trump Highway`, declared his support for the Frostproof administration’s move, calling it `a great innovation.`

`The first city in the country to do so,` Mr. Sabatini wrote on Facebook.

However, the above move also faced opposition.

Aimee Ward, 39, a Frostproof resident, said she acknowledged the city council had the right to honor Mr. Trump, but the timing was not appropriate.

`I voted for Mr. Trump, but I feel this move could cause tension. If they declare ‘Trump Day’ on his birthday in June, I will have no opinion. Decision making

Ward said she is considering starting a petition to ensure `Donald J. Trump Week` doesn’t happen again in 2022 in Frostproof.

A wave of opposition to Frostproof’s move also appeared on social networks in the black community in Polk County.

`The problem is not that they want to glorify Mr. Trump, the problem is that this action took place during the BHM moment,` Green explained.

However, there are still many opinions expressing support for Prostproof’s move.

Honoring a former president in February is not unusual in the United States.

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