Improve feng shui for 2015
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Improve feng shui for 2015

The Chinese have a saying: `The ten yangs are not perfect`, implying that out of ten people with the goat star, there must be nine who are weak, difficult to succeed and have little luck.

In fact, if based on correct Feng Shui and Chinese astrology, no birth year is particularly good or particularly bad.

However, the year At Mui 2015 was indeed not a good year.


Year of the Goat 2015 will start on February 19, 2015 and end on February 7, 2016.

The Feng Shui chart above is divided into two colors: pink and blue.

Good directions: North, East, Southwest, Northwest.

Bad directions: South, West, Northeast, Southeast.

1. In the North, there is the Bat Bach star (number 8), which is the owner of fortune

Bat Bach itself belongs to Tam Cat Tinh, a lucky star.

The best way to counteract this is to wear Metal jewelry (because Earth gives birth to Metal and Metal gives birth to Water) and arrange metal furniture in the house.

2. In the East, there is the star Nhat Bach (number 1), the owner of love

The East is Wood and the Nhat Bach star is Water, and Water gives birth to Wood so it is very lucky.

To enhance luck, put 11 small black pebbles/quartz in a glass bowl of water and place it in the bedroom.

3. In the Northwest, there is the star Tu Luc (number 4), which represents the path of examination and study

The Northwest has the element of Metal and the Four Luc star has the element of Wood, and Kim opposes Wood, so business and study will face obstacles this year.

To improve your luck, you should stick 4 bamboo stems straight into a bottle of mineral water and display them in the living room.

4. In the southwest, there is the star Cuu Tu (number 9), which brings good luck

The Southwest has Earth properties and Cuu Tu star has Fire properties, and Fire gives birth to Earth, so it is very lucky.

Because this year’s zodiac sign violates Thai Sue, you should not break ground to build a house to avoid disaster.

You don’t need to do much to improve your luck this year.

5. In the south, there is the star That Xich (number 7), which is associated with theft and accidents

That Xich star has old and declining energy, so it can easily cause loss of property and theft.

However, you don’t need to worry too much because the South has a very strong Fire element and will `melt` the Metal star That Xich (Fire overcomes Metal).

To improve luck, you can place a small glass of water in the south of the house to supplement Water (Metal produces Water) or spread a red carpet facing the South.

6. In the West, there is the Tam Sat star, the master of speech and the Ngu Hoang star (number 5), the master of disasters and illnesses.

The West this year is considered the worst because both the stars Tam Sat and Ngu Hoang reside together.

Both Tam Sat and Ngu Hoang are evil stars but have two different properties, so you must pay more attention in improving Feng Shui.

You can suppress the negative energy from the Five Emperors star by wearing a bronze gourd or using other Metal Feng Shui items.

7. In the Southeast, there is star Nhi Hac (2), the owner of illness and disease

All people who place their desks and beds in this direction are susceptible to difficulties and accidents.

In addition, a simpler way to improve luck is to place a glass of water with a little white salt inside at the window in the Southeast.

8. In the Northeast, there is the Luc Bach star (number 6), the owner of fame and fortune

Luc Bach Star is one of the Three Cat Stars, very beneficial for career and career.

To improve your luck, you should use Feng Shui items that have Earth properties (because Earth produces Metal) or Metal.

Although this year’s luck is not strong, besides the two worst directions, West and Southeast, you don’t need to worry too much.

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