Dance artist Ta Thuy Chi – Shoes, stage and life
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Dance artist Ta Thuy Chi – Shoes, stage and life

At the age of 12, Ta Thuy Chi was sent to study dance in Guangdong (China).

In a conversation with ELLE before the performance of the dance play `The Story of Shoes` (at the City Theater, during two nights in mid-August 2012), Thuy Chi revealed many secrets that are only now being told.

Standing backstage watching Thuy Chi and her colleagues rehearse the show, it’s unimaginable that dancing can be so difficult.

It’s from family!

I feel very lucky to be born into an artistic family.

From this decision, which is considered a turning point in fate, I had the opportunity to come into contact with professional dance art.

The great poet William Shakespeare wrote that theater and life have nothing in common.

Each artist has his own view of the stage.

When looking at life’s problems, I choose the perspective of an artist, so my heart and thinking feel lighter.

Have you ever borrowed the stage to express aspirations and dreams that cannot be realized in real life?

The stage is truly a place for us to share our dreams and aspirations in life, but until now, I see nothing that cannot be accomplished.

What is the difference between `Ballet dancer` and `Dance artist` in the modern understanding?

“Ballet dancer” specializes in a school of ballet, while “dance artist” is not limited to any school.

What makes me admire and respect them is that these artists have overcome  many difficulties in everyday life to continue to stand on  stage, continue to pursue their passion, or simply have

Having studied dance in China and played many roles, which role, play and author do you like best?

I have many interests in art, so I don’t limit my viewing and reading habits to any one author.

The story of shoes talks about the topics of today’s young people.

The Arabsque dance group and I want to share with the audience our honest stories.

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