When the living room becomes a luxury bedroom
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When the living room becomes a luxury bedroom

Sophisticated… like traditional living room design

It is no coincidence that the living room is considered the ‘heart’ of the house, the architectural focus that the homeowner invests a lot of effort into creating the most complete appearance.

According to home feng shui science, the living room is the place to welcome ‘noble people’, showing the sublimation in the homeowner’s career and spiritual life.

Previously, due to the concept that `a room is for receiving guests`, the design had to ensure strict feng shui standards such as: located in the central area of the house, separate from the common living space, designed

The living room design, therefore, is relatively discrete and heavy on showmanship, with symbolic meaning, intended to express the homeowner’s pride in both material and spiritual life, and ensure privacy.

Today, the appearance of public spaces has caused many changes in the reception culture.

Specifically, the living room is designed wider, closer to the main door.

Living – Suite is the rising trend

Living – Suite is a new concept, demonstrating the aesthetic sophistication of the homeowner and the creativity of the architect, transforming the reception area into a luxurious hotel-like bedroom.

When the living room becomes a luxury bedroom
When the living room becomes a luxury bedroom

The clever design of the smart bed set helps free up space to make the apartment more airy

Smart devices are part of the meticulous calculations of architects, including multi-function sliding wall systems, customizable beds, smart dining tables… helping to free up space and enhance sophistication in each step.

The living room space becomes more lively with minimalist style furniture – the same tone as bright wall paint and warm brown wood accessories, creating a harmonious resonance, bringing a unique personality to the house.

When the living room becomes a luxury bedroom

Smart partitions are the leading alternative to hard, dry walls

Providing a constant amount of light, the overflow glass door system `nurtures` the living space more brilliantly with natural light and greenery, bringing a quiet, inspiring pace of life.

The value of Living – Suite is not only encapsulated in the architectural aspect, but also an inspiration for living, honoring the sustainability of minimalist style, but still ensuring comfort and modernity.

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