Third wheel
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Third wheel

When the third person appeared

The third person can also be an acquaintance, sometimes there is nothing noteworthy, but one day you suddenly realize that he or she is very close to your close friend.

It could be a rival in a business relationship. It’s like you’re about to get a lucrative contract with a very lucrative partner, but then suddenly you discover that the enemy you once despised jumps in.

Surely the story of the Third Person cannot lack someone who threatens the happiness of others.

But the story about the Third Person sometimes just revolves around a baby who has just been born, adorable, innocent, and has never had the slightest thought about who he will win over, gain someone’s affection, and get rid of.

Surely everyone must encounter this entanglement with the Third Person (in many different forms).

But not everyone can solve this problem or not. My friend and his wife just gave birth to a beautiful son.

Another friend and his wife, living together for more than ten years very peacefully, one day she discovered his intimate text messages sent to a certain third person.

Here, I do not want to talk about the issue of right or wrong, but only about how each person behaves when falling into these three-way stories.

Believe me, with the power of faith and love, you will always be the one!

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