The meeting of the beautiful Synactif
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The meeting of the beautiful Synactif


Understanding the value of its customers, Clé de Peau Beauté soon launched closed receptions exclusively for distinguished guests.

Unlike large-scale campaigns for all believers, the spread of the meeting between the `Celebrities` of Clé de Peau Beauté is a slow, insidious and meticulously filtered spread.

Right from the first Synactif product sold, customers receive purple cards that act as accumulation, the shopping value gradually increases with the gold card and culminates in the luxurious black card.

Along with these valuable membership cards, there are certainly corresponding benefits for the owners.


Not only is it a privilege reserved for ladies and gentlemen of New York, Tokyo, Hong Kong,… the `Purple Rose Banquet` also took place in the French architectural space of Hotel de L’opera Ha.

Here, the top beauties are welcomed in the private lobby of the 7th floor of the hotel, where just by looking at them, they can see the poetic, ancient space of the central theater area of ​​the hotel.

But the formal reception, luxuriously decorated space filled with purple roses, and professional advice from experts are not what the top beauties enjoy.

Starting with the world’s most expensive `famous` amber savon cake with a foam as soft as cashmere, a noble rose scent, and the ability to gently and completely remove impurities, even makeup,

Synactif Sofftening Lotion is like pure rose water, helping to `water` the skin, regulate pigmentation for a harmonious, pure surface and in conditions that could not be more ideal to enjoy the following nutrients.

Synactif Daytime Moisturizer helps strengthen the protective barrier against all negative factors from the environment, especially UVA/UVB rays, giving the skin lasting vitality and freshness all day long.

Synactif Nighttime Moisturizer with a light cream but full of quintessential nutrients, brings ideal moisture to each skin cell, improving skin condition during sleep, and especially, sensitive skin areas with the most wrinkles.

The `trump card` of the collection, the item expected by all ladies, is Synactif Intensive Cream – the ultimate weapon that attacks all skin problems, effectively eliminating blemishes.

With Synactif Intensive Cream, the skin is simply but perfectly perfected by the most advanced miracles of the formulation industry, by Clé de Peau Beauté’s belief in the skin’s ability to shine from within, and

The meeting of the beautiful Synactif
The meeting of the beautiful Synactif
The meeting of the beautiful Synactif

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