Movie: When pigeons think about existence
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Movie: When pigeons think about existence

This is a movie that was honored by the 2014 Venice Film Festival with the prestigious Golden Lion award for best film.

When pigeons think about existence

Movie: A Pigeon Sat on a Branch Reflecting on Existence follows two salesmen Sam and Jonathan on a strange journey that intertwines reality and fantasy, exploring the condition of modern man in a

Enjoying A Pigeon can be a very special cinematic experience for any movie lover, but it is certainly not an easy experience.

Movie: When pigeons think about existence

Scenes in the movie

Movie: When pigeons think about existence

Themes addressed throughout the film include death, old age, feelings of despair and existentialism – all of which are not easily accessible.

In Andersson’s eyes, humans exist like ghosts with vanity within them.

The whole movie is long scenes with medium or full frames, no movement.

In an interview, Roy Andersson said his inspiration for the film came from Pieter Bruegel the Elder’s painting Hunters in the Snow, which depicts a winter scene with birds perched on branches.

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