Kate Park – Korean girl who loves Vietnam
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Kate Park – Korean girl who loves Vietnam

There is a saying in Vietnamese folk saying `you can catch the image by looking at the face`, but I think this saying doesn’t seem to be very true for Kate Park – Sales Director of Pullman Hanoi Hotel – a Korean girl with a beautiful appearance.

Which location was the first place Kate visited in Vietnam and why did Kate choose to work in Hanoi?

Hanoi is my first destination in Vietnam.

Does Kate easily integrate into the working environment here?

I started working at the hotel in January 2014, with many strong brand positioning campaigns.

Kate Park - Korean girl who loves Vietnam

After work, how is Kate’s life in Hanoi?

I want to spend all that time exploring the life around me, doing gym, yoga and walking around Ngoc Khanh lake near where I live, meeting a few friends and going out to eat Korean food… I also like to participate.

What impresses Kate most about Hanoi life at night?

It’s street food.

I like pho.

Is it because of your interest in traveling that you chose to work in the service and hotel industry?

That’s also a reason.

Kate Park - Korean girl who loves Vietnam

Mint Bar – Pullman Hanoi is where Kate often stops by to feel the rhythm of Hanoi life every afternoon

Has Kate visited many places in Vietnam?

I went to Ho Chi Minh City, visited Ha Long and Yen Tu.

Kate’s fashion style of choice when traveling?

It is a casual style, convenient clothes when moving.

What item can Kate not live without when traveling?

It’s cosmetics.

Kate’s secret to beautiful skin?

That means eating a lot of spicy, spicy dishes.

The statement that Kate considers her life perspective?

I like the Korean proverb which I roughly translate as: “If you look at things differently, you will see life more fresh.”

Kate’s dream destination is?

I have traveled a lot around the world but I never thought about where my next destination would be.

Wishing Kate a journey to discover life with many new things waiting!

Top 3 favorite Kate Park locations in Hanoi

Mint Bar – Pullman Hanoi: On the outdoor terrace there are 3 tables, and one table is always reserved for me.

I love Friday Restaurant – 33D Cat Linh: Where I can pamper my taste with dishes from all regions of Vietnam to Korean dishes.

Dong Xuan Night Market: Where people’s lives are very lively.

Kate Park - Korean girl who loves Vietnam

Impressive movie: The Attorney This is a movie produced in 2013 about Roh Moon Hyun’s journey to become president of Korea.

Kate Park - Korean girl who loves Vietnam

Bedside book: A room of One’s Own A book by British author Virginia Woolf about the secret to becoming an independent woman.

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