[ELLE introduces] Interesting stories about cocktails
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[ELLE introduces] Interesting stories about cocktails

This definition was used throughout the 19th century, although cocktails were modified to include different ingredients.


[ELLE introduces] Interesting stories about cocktails

Colorful cocktail drinks

One of the first and oldest recognized cocktail recipes is the Martini.

If translated correctly into English, cocktail means rooster tail.

[ELLE introduces] Interesting stories about cocktails

Cocktail drinks

The first story is about the history of cockfighting, which was very popular during the founding of America.

The second story about the cocktail name is different: There was a French guy named Antoine Peychaud who created the first cocktail in New Orleans, a drink made from whiskey and a few other things and called it coquetier.

The third story is quite silly: In a bar in America there is a ceramic rooster, the bar waiter always pours leftover alcohol into it.

Today, cocktails are widely known as fruit cocktails: a mixed drink using one or more types of spirits combined in small doses and other ingredients such as fresh fruit, fruit juice, water.

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[ELLE introduces] Interesting stories about cocktails

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[ELLE introduces] Interesting stories about cocktails

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