Why do French women easily raise children?
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Why do French women easily raise children?


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The time when French women were confined to strict dogmatic frameworks has long passed. Today, their role is respected, they have a certain place in society and are ranked first in the birth rate in the world.

Why do French women easily raise children?

Ranking of European countries with high birth rates in 2015

Contrary to the idea that having many children means being very busy, the more children French women have, the better they take care of them.

Why do French women easily raise children?

The explanation for these wonderful things comes from differences in cultural treatment, meaning that any woman can achieve the same thing if she raises her children according to her rights to enjoy the same.

The following also partly explains the question `Why do French women easily raise children?`

French women get paid to give birth

Unlike American pregnant women who have to take unpaid leave from work to give birth.

French women enjoy affordable and readily available childcare services

When their baby is about 6 weeks old, they can send him or her to a nursery or high-quality day care center so the mother can return to work.

Why do French women easily raise children?

Cultural world

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High quality nutritious food system all day for children

Whether at school, church or at home, children will not have to eat chewy grilled chicken of poor quality, but will enjoy three main meals with a scientifically nutritious menu such as fresh bread,

French women send their children to school at age 3

Children in France can start school at the age of 3. From preschool to kindergarten are free.

Meanwhile, in America, families have to choose between hiring an expensive nanny or asking relatives or close friends to watch the baby for free.

Why do French women easily raise children?

This is also an ongoing situation in society for parents to look at, as well as meaningful for a country’s government in keeping population balance, to ensure the number of young workers.

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