35 styles and names of dresses you need to know
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35 styles and names of dresses you need to know

Knowing the exact names of dresses in both English and Vietnamese will make it easier for you to describe to someone what you mean;

Let’s explore with ELLE the fashion dictionary, the names and designs of the types of dresses you need to know.

Instant dress:

Basic form-fitting dresses

1. Princess Dress: The dress has a tight body and emphasizes the waist like a princess.

2. Polo Dress: The dress has a top that resembles a Polo collar t-shirt.

3. Sheath Dress: Basic short dress with long sleeves.

4. Coat Dress: The dresses are styled from long coats with 2 rows of buttons.

35 styles and names of dresses you need to know

Styles of stylized dresses

5. House Dress: Classic shirt dress, long style, with 2 large front pockets.

6. Shirtwaist Dress: A long dress with a turn-down collar and a long row of buttons.

7. Drop waist Dress: Drop waist dress, also known as short dress.

8. Trapeze Dress: Smooth dress that flares out from top to bottom.

35 styles and names of dresses you need to know

Modern dress styles

9. Sundress: Flared skirt shape, pleated like the sun with a two-strap skirt style.

10. Wraparound Dress: A dress with a diagonal bust

11. Tunic Dress: Straight, long-sleeved dress with no flare

12. Jumper: Dress with deep neckline


35 styles and names of dresses you need to know

Types of short skirts

13. Inverted Pleat: The skirt has two pleated pleats on the inside, helping the skirt have a moderate fit or a slight flare, so it’s quite comfortable when moving.

14. Kick Pleat: Same as Inverted Pleat but a skirt with one pleat on the inside.

15. Accordion Pleat: Small pleated skirt like the folds on an accordion.

16. Top Stitched Pleat: Also a type of pleated skirt, but has tight hips, and flares out about 2/3.

17. Knife Pleat: Skirt with large pleated lines, 3 – 5cm wide.

35 styles and names of dresses you need to know

Innovative short skirt styles

18. Gather Skirt: Has more volume and softness due to the pleated pleats starting from the waist but not in an even ratio like the pleated patterns above.

19. Yoke Skirt: Skirts have tight hips, but the boundary between the tight hips and the flared part is more clear because they are often sewn from two separate fabric parts.

20. Ruffled Skirt: A layered skirt.

21. Straight Skirt: Straight tube skirt from top to bottom

22. Culottes / Pen Skirt: Faux skirt pants

35 styles and names of dresses you need to know

Other interesting types of dresses

23. Sarong: A skirt style that resembles a wrapped, tied cloth.

24. Sheath Skirt / Pencil Skirt: A pencil skirt style.

25. Kilt: The unique name of traditional Scottish checkered dresses.

26. Wraparound skirt: Tulip-shaped wraparound skirt.

27. Gored Skirt: A skirt with a slight flare.

35 styles and names of dresses you need to know

Other dress styles you need to know

28. A Line Skirt: A-line skirt shape.

29. Box Pleated skirt: The skirt has a fairly soft, curved flared hem because the tailor used a fabric cutting technique to create a flare.

30 & 31. Semi-Circular Skirt / Circular Skirt: skirt style based on gradually increasing flare.

32. Buttoned Straight Skirt: A skirt with a long row of vertical buttons.

33. Fixed Box Pleat Skirt: The skirt has a pleated waist to help the skirt stand up and hug, while the large pleated hem creates a flare for comfort when moving.

34. Knife Pleat Skirt: The pleated part gathers on both sides throughout the length of the skirt.

35. Gore Skirt: The skirt has a long, curvy flared hem and a softer style than the Box Pleated Skirt.

Obviously, today, there are more than 35 styles of dresses, and the future of the fashion industry will produce even more styles of dresses because it is a creative industry that is constantly evolving.

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