World of perfume: The smell of the sea
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World of perfume: The smell of the sea

Trends and Inspiration

World of perfume: The scent of the place I love

I sat in the sand drawing dreams from the mainland, and the waves rushed in, erasing dry ambitions and placing fruit on them.

Gift of the sea, clear and cool.

World of perfume: The smell of the sea

Coconut is a lovely and distinctive scent note in the world of perfume.

I call coconut a gift from the sea.

In cosmetics, the characteristic coconut scent is clear, hydrating, plump, cool, even lightly floral.

Noix de Coco by Yves Rocher

World of perfume: The smell of the sea

As one of the very popular scent creations of popular French cosmetics house Yves Rocher, Noix de Coco is the most authentic and…coconut scent I’ve ever known.

Noix de Coco is a delicious, sweet, no-frills, very lovely coconut scent.

Philosykos of Diptyque

World of perfume: The smell of the sea

Besides the two outstanding creations Doson and Tamdao, Diptyque has a very popular milky green scent called Phylosykos.

mixed with the creamy taste of tropical coconut, creating a small fresh green island filled with fruit and trees.

Lumiere Blanche by Olfactive Studio

World of perfume: The smell of the sea

An overall scent of wood and spice, creating a peaceful and lovely Coconut effect, comes from the perfume house that took the idea of `digitizing` photography into the Olfactive Studio scent.

Fils de Dieu of Etat Libre d`Orange (ELDO )

World of perfume: The smell of the sea

Let’s find the typical Asian scent of coconut, fragrant jasmine, young rice, and coconut water through Eldo’s beautiful creation that sparkles like the morning sun, called Fils de Dieu.

Virgin Island Water by Creed

The coconut scent for those who are addicted to… beach cocktails is the creation of perfume house Creed.

Trends and Inspiration

The world of perfume: Stillness in motion

Bronze Goddess by Estée Lauder

We have the basic smell of coconut, the smell of coconut island, the smell of coconut cocoons, the smell of coconut food and drinks, and now the smell of coconut-flavored skin.

scent and the owner of the scent.

Beyond Love by By Kilian

For the final scent in this article, we return to the traditional and classic combination of coconut and white flowers, specifically coconut and lily of the valley.

Gift of the sea.

Caressing, comforting, soft, relaxing, peaceful.

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