Which fashion brand is the hottest on the planet?
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Which fashion brand is the hottest on the planet?

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Gucci vs Forever 21: The legal battle continues to escalate

In a new series, BoF and Lyst will crunch the numbers to produce a list of the top-performing fashion brands and products quarter-by-quarter.

Gucci is currently the hottest fashion brand on the planet

The new data was analyzed by BoF alongside search engine Lyst, which tracked 4.5 million data points per hour from more than 65 million consumers annually, across 4 million products and 12000 brands shows in

Gucci jumped three places in the rankings from April to June 2017, surpassing Yeezy and Vetements, which came in second and third respectively.

Which fashion brand is the hottest on the planet?

Lyst’s Q2 2017 business performance rankings

A key factor in this success is Gucci’s ability to connect with traditional consumers and Gen-Z consumers (the generation of consumers born after 1995).

Sales to traditional customers and Gen-Z consumers grew by double digits in the first half of fiscal 2017, and retention was high.

Yeezy follows right behind Gucci in the brand rankings.

The street wear element in Demna Gvasalia when meeting high fashion at Balenciaga fashion house has created incredible designs.

Best selling product in the second quarter of 2017

Gucci’s dominance in the market is underlined by its appearance at the top of the best-selling products rankings in both the first and second quarters. Products from the GG Bloom line still have a position

There were some new faces joining the top 10 bestsellers this quarter, with a small version of Chloé’s Nile bag selling out almost immediately thanks to its popularity with street stars.

Which fashion brand is the hottest on the planet?

Lyst’s ranking of best-selling products in summer 2017

A dress by Diane Von Furstenberg called ‘Serafina’, now discontinued, before Jonathan Saunders took over as creative director, was one of two products featured in the ranking.

Luxury brands continue to take advantage of the trend of combining famous individuals and brands to create `hit` products.

Which fashion brand is the hottest on the planet?

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The connection between supermodels and sports fashion brands

In fact, news about fashion brands seems to have little influence on consumer behavior.

Stussy’s collaboration with Vans makes it the most searched brand in the EU, while Gosha Rubinchsky’s collaboration with Kappa, launched on December 1, is the 10th hottest unisex product in the EU.

Which fashion brand is the hottest on the planet?

Chart showing a spike in product search traffic to Louis Vuitton-related pages (Source: BoF)

For example, when Louis Vuitton announced the locations of six possible pop-up stores in collaboration with Supreme, the brand saw an 81% increase over the previous week and more than 10,000 people across Tokyo, London and Sydney lined up.

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