When lipstick color becomes an emotional message
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When lipstick color becomes an emotional message

During her lifetime, Coco Chanel once said: `If you are sad, add more lipstick and attack!`

It has been more than 50 years since the founder’s permanent passing, the spiritual legacy she left behind is still the creative guideline of the Chanel brand.

On the other hand, Elsa Durrens did not forget to remind Ha Truc to innovate a bit before the date: `Men usually don’t like women who wear too much makeup, but they are still attracted to red lips.

This means that in the eyes of a professional makeup artist, lipstick color truly represents your mood and personality.

When lipstick color is a reflection of the soul

To create opportunities for women to step into a future of freedom and transform into any desired image, Chanel introduces two new lipstick lines: Rouge Allure Velvet Extrême and Rouge Allure Liquid Powder.

The special feature of the two new lipstick lines lies not only in their unique matte texture, but also in their endless generosity.

When lipstick color becomes an emotional message

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Rouge Allure Velvet Extrême

When lipstick color becomes an emotional message

Rouge Allure Velvet Extrême lipstick with extreme matte effect, smooth and velvety without drying;

When lipstick color becomes an emotional message

102 Modern: Caramel beige is suitable for young souls, this delicate, elegant beauty will definitely be suitable for work or meetings.

When lipstick color becomes an emotional message

110 Impressive: Bright orange is the standout color this Fall.

When lipstick color becomes an emotional message

112 Idéal: Bright red is forever a classic lipstick shade, a lipstick color that honors brave girls who want to create a feminine impression and the charisma of self-control.

114 Épitome: Softer and sweeter raspberry red.

116 Extrême: Warm burgundy color full of magic and mystery.

118 Éternel: Rosewood beige can be applied flexibly in most contexts, from daily office work to important meetings.

Rouge Allure Liquid Powder

Rouge Allure Liquid Powder lipstick has a modern and brilliant design, convenient structure for use during times of constant movement.

950 Plaisir: Bright, fresh and energetic pink, with a strong millennial vibe for creative girls who always want to experiment with new styles.

952 Évocation: Beige pink is softer, gentler but still no less attractive.

954 Radical: Bright orange is very vibrant and bold.

956 Invincible: Bright red can never hide among the crowd, which is reserved for passionate and arrogant souls.

958 Volupté: Raspberry red is like a happy note in the symphony of youth.

960 Avant-Gardiste: Warm burgundy red, the last color of the Rouge Allure Liquid Powder collection represents the spiritual turning point of a young girl.

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