The sad story behind Victoria’s Secret’s success
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The sad story behind Victoria’s Secret’s success

From a gift to his wife

Over the years, fashion is no longer just clothes to show off and be seen.

In fact, it took a huge revolution to make underwear fashionable.

In the 70s, Victoria’s Secret was revolutionary.

When Roy entered the store, a feeling of shame and embarrassment immediately overwhelmed him, a 30-year-old man.

The sad story behind Victoria's Secret's success

Rare photo of Roy Raymond.

But thanks to that trip, Roy Raymond came up with a million-dollar idea.

80 thousand dollars was Roy Raymond’s starting capital, half he borrowed from his wife’s family and the other half he asked for help from the bank.

The sad story behind Victoria's Secret's success

Victoria’s Secret catalog from the beginning compared to today.

Novelty is the first factor that helps Victoria’s Secret make a profit.

Going downhill and regaining market share

Roy Raymond was very successful when starting the Victoria’s Secret brand, but unfortunately he is still not a good businessman who can do everything.

After a period of prosperity, business suddenly went downhill, even pushing the company to near bankruptcy.

Leslie Wexner, a businessman who owned the famous The Limited sports goods store chain at that time, was on his way to looking for an industry to conquer when he came across Victoria’s Secret.

The sad story behind Victoria's Secret's success

Leslie Wexner – The man who brought back glory to Victoria’s Secret.

From idea to business, Roy Raymond’s Victoria’s Secret does not seem to focus on female customers but rather targets the tastes of men.

Seeing the potential of Victoria’s Secret, Leslie Wexner bought the brand for $1 million in 1982. He researched a way to attract women to buy everyday underwear while still maintaining its inherent sexy look.

The sad story behind Victoria's Secret's success

Victoria’s Secret has now become a brand desired by women.

The tragedy of imbalance

Victoria’s Secret’s success is probably largely thanks to Leslie Wexner, but Roy Raymond is the one who started it all.

To Roy, Victoria’s Secret is like a brainchild, created by him but unable to nurture.

After Wexner acquired Victoria’s Secret, Raymond remained as director for another year.

According to the New York Times, poor marketing plans and too much focus on the upper class are the reasons why My Child’s Destiny could not last more than two years.

By 1993, the breakup of his marriage was like a drop in the bucket for Roy Raymond.

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