Learn about foundation and basic makeup routines
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Learn about foundation and basic makeup routines

Basic makeup process of foundation:

Step 1: Moisturize.

Step 2: Skin-evening cream or concealer.

Step 3: Foundation.

Step 4: Powder.

Learn about foundation and basic makeup routines

Interesting variations with background types:

1. Natural, radiant for the office: This style will suit people with dry to normal skin or office ladies who love naturalness and health.

– Choose appropriate skin care products (water supply, moisturizer, sun protection).

– Use a brush to spread Luminous Moisturizing Foundation evenly over the entire face.

– Lightly apply powder on the T-zone. Apply a little Brightening Finishing Powder to create a rosy glow to your skin and make your face more lively.

2. Shimmering at the party: The perfect choice when you go to a party with yellow lights, pose under the lens or when you need absolute coverage.

– After skin care, apply Illuminating Face Base evenly over the entire face to create a protective layer as well as brighten the skin.

– Use Corrective Face Base to conceal skin areas with acne scars, uneven color or redness.

– Create matte skin by applying a layer of Illuminating Compact Powder over the entire face.

When you go to a dinner party, highlighting and using Bronzer is very important to create an impressive edge for your face.

3. Smooth, long lasting for 8 hours: This style will suit those with normal to oily skin, mild skin imperfections, or those who want a foundation that lasts for 8 hours.

– Always start with a suitable moisturizer.

– After moisturizing, spread an even layer of BB Cream SPF15 all over your face as a primer.

– Use a brush to apply a thin layer of long-lasting, oil-free foundation in compressed or liquid form, Long-Wear Even Finish Foundation, on the T-zone and blemished areas.

Reduce shine by using a Powder brush to apply a very thin layer of Sheer Finish Loose Powder all over the face.

– Highlight or warm up `sun kissed` areas (high and easily exposed parts of the face) with Shimmer Brick or Bronzer to create depth and vibrancy.

Learn about foundation and basic makeup routines

Bobbi Brown is very famous for her foundation and makeup lesson `The Secret to Perfect Skin` so that every woman can find and choose the appropriate foundation for herself.

Frequently asked questions:

Should I apply foundation with a brush, sponge or finger?

Each method has different effects.

A sponge will give the same good coverage as a brush but is only suitable for liquid foundation.

How to fix it quickly when neck skin is darker than face skin?

Apply a little warm bronzer to your face to balance the two skin areas.

How to choose the right foundation for each skin type?

For oily skin, choose a liquid or powder foundation with an oil-free formula that won’t clog pores.

If you have combination skin, combine the appropriate moisturizer with the correct foundation formula for your skin.

Learn about foundation and basic makeup routines

Foundation Stick – the most basic foundation for all skin types.

Learn about foundation and basic makeup routines

1. Brightening Compact Foundation SPF20 PA+++2.

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