ELLE Style Calendar: White sneakers (January 9 – January 15)
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ELLE Style Calendar: White sneakers (January 9 – January 15)

Just like a white shirt, which everyone must have, white sneakers are predicted to be a basic fashion item of all time that everyone must buy.

White sneakers are an extremely easy-going item and can be easily combined with all kinds of outfits and many different styles.

Stylish for the office

If you work in a comfortable environment and the company’s dress code is not too strict, sneakers are a fashion item that is both youthful and trendy.

ELLE Style Calendar: White sneakers (January 9 - January 15)

Choose white sneakers to adorn your stylish outfit including a dark blazer and skinny jeans.

ELLE Style Calendar: White sneakers (January 9 - January 15)

A uniquely spontaneous combination of a carefully tailored suit and comfortable, youthful sneakers.

For formal or feminine outfits, two styles that are considered opposites to the dynamism of sneakers, wearing them with sneakers will bring a breeze of personality based on that contrast.

ELLE Style Calendar: White sneakers (January 9 - January 15)

Dressing up both elegant and youthful has never been easier with the formula of a pleated skirt, leather jacket and sneakers.

ELLE Style Calendar: White sneakers (January 9 - January 15)

A familiar pencil skirt combined with sneakers will help you look new when going to the office.

ELLE Style Calendar: White sneakers (January 9 - January 15)

T-shirt + jeans + blazer and sneakers are always a `nice to wear with your eyes closed` combo that office ladies should also have on hand.

With an elegant long coat and white shoes, you have the perfect outfit to wear to work.

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Be liberal when walking around

If in the past, sneakers were only often worn with skinny pants, then recently, sneakers combined with wide-leg shorts, flared jeans, A-line skirts, pencil skirts… have become popular.

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Are you tired of wearing sneakers and skinny pants?

Sneakers can be combined well with even extremely feminine outfits like slip dresses…

…or a skirt with a slit, making the outfit look very personal and generous.

In a hot and humid country all year round, a strapless mini dress is always an item that never goes out of style, especially when worn with sturdy sneakers like this.

Sneakers are the `key` to help you look younger and more active than usual.

A crop top and a tight, curve-hugging skirt will become much more dynamic when combined with sneakers.

Create a highlight for your outfit with a pair of personality fishnet socks.

For girls of modest height

Because white sneakers are an important highlight on the bottom, you should wear a set of uniform colors, or white skirts/pants to avoid dividing your body into many parts, making you look shorter.

Uniform colors and ankle length pants will make you feel taller than you actually are.

A white dress and high-soled shoes will help you `cheat` to add height.

Mixing sneakers with monochrome outfits is never a bad idea for short girls.

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How to preserve?

White sneakers’ biggest drawback is that they easily get dirty and discolored.

Remember not to dry your shoes in direct sunlight to avoid discoloration and yellowing.

Do you have any outfit ideas for this week?

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