15 songs of 2017 with eye-popping visuals to help inspire fashion shoots
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15 songs of 2017 with eye-popping visuals to help inspire fashion shoots

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Top 10 most successful songs in Miley Cyrus’ career to date

Inspiration always comes from the things that surround each of us, from the most simple and rustic things, to the sophisticated and complex beauty.

Music and fashion are two things that have been very compatible since their early stages.

Below is a comprehensive list of 15 songs released this year.

15 songs of 2017 with eye-popping visuals to help inspire fashion shoots

Cultural world

10 outstanding new songs by female artists in September and October 2017

1/ PNAU – Go Bang

This song has unique graphics that undoubtedly stimulate the viewer’s vision.

2/ St.


3/ Merk & Kremont – Sad Story (Out Of Luck)

The urban context is often integrated into fashion publications to bring intimacy and ease of connection with our lives.

4/ Kah-Lo – Fasta

Stop-motion/stop or rewind/reverse, duplicate/duplicate effects, combined with physical movements of female singer Kah-Lo;

5/ Beyoncé – Love Drought

There are not many people who are willing to play like Queen Bee when for her last 2 albums she spent a lot of money to film MVs for each song.

6/ Billie Eilish – Bellyache

Highways with rows of weeds and vacant land on both sides of the road are a typical feature in America.

7/ Taylor Swift – Look What You Made Me Do

This list, of course, would not be complete without the presence of Taylor Swift.

8/ Björk: Utopia

Björk is a female singer who follows the school of art for art’s sake. From music to visual elements, she places great emphasis on artistic elements, being original and different from the majority.

9/ KARD – Trust Me

Besides the addictive melody, the locations appearing in this MV such as the library, the attic, the smoky alleys of the city at night and the image of the couple dancing together are details that are easy to bring to mind.

10/ Fergie – A Little Work

A Little Work is the song chosen to be made into a short film by female singer Fergie after 11 years of absence from the world music industry.

11/ Fkj – Vibin’ Out with (((O)))

Vibin’ Out, the song itself has a mellow, slow tempo combined with the characteristic, resonant sound of an electronic piano, making listeners easily love this song from the first notes.

12/ Kelela – Blue Light

The simple blue backdrop that accentuates the singer’s metallic yellow vertical pleated dress clearly shows us the importance of color composition when arranged next to each other will make a simple MV about

13/ Dua Lipa – New Rules

The MV for the song New Rules addresses the issue of how women in modern society need to support each other and honor each other’s value.

14/ MONDO GROSSO – ラビリンス

The night scene of busy streets, sometimes crowded and sometimes empty, will be a perfect background to honor the unique values and personality of an artist.

15/ Vladimir Cauchemar – Aulos

This song has a rather strange sound when combining the sounds of flute instruments and electronic tones.

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